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Hair Extension Tape Ultrabond

Hair Extension Tape Ultrabond


Hair Extension Tape Rolls are needed to re-use your tape hair extensions.

UltraBond Hair Extension Tape is one of the best tapes available for seamless tape hair extensions, if not THE best, in our opinion.

UltraBond Tape is exactly like SuperTape, but improved because it comes off in one pull and will not break apart during removal!

UltraBond Tape holds fantastically if used correctly.
Holding power?… non-stop day and night…until it is removed.

  • Skin-safe “Medical Grade” Hair Extension tape
  • Does not damage hair
  • No gooey, sticky residue with removal
  • Non-stretch adhesive prevents break-up and gummy removal
  • Contains NO latex, parabens, or phthalates
  • Is transparent and odorless
  • Made in the USA
  • 3/8-inch wide x 3 yds long (9.5mm x 2.74 meters)
  • The 3 yards (2.74m) roll will be enough for about 50 extra-wide 2″ Tape Extensions, or 70 1.5″ wide.
  • Always have a roll available for touch-ups Double-Sided Tape with a white backing
  • Simply peel off the roll and attach to the bond of the extensions
  • Use UltraBond hair extension tape to re-use your tape extensions. Simply remove old tape and add new UltraBond tape for re-install of extensions.
  • Not pre-cut. This roll is ideal because you can cut off pieces to any length needed.
  • For example, if a corner of your sandwiched extensions is coming loose, simply cut off a bit of tape and place it between two pieces for a perfect hold.
  • Can be used for any tape extensions. If your extensions have a narrower bond, it does not matter, as the tape can be put onto the extension hair without issues for a better hold.
  • Can be removed with any brand tape remover, or use normal 91% rubbing-alcohol (Caution, other removers, like for Liquid Gold adhesive, may not work as well with tape adhesives)
  • Correct installation is a MUST for long-lasting holding power. Results may vary depending on your own hair oil content, installation technique and daily styling routine.

Warning: Never use normal double-sided tape that is not made specifically for extensions. It will not work.

Important Notice: Returns are not possible for Tape Rolls or Micro Rings

L&B Tip:
Always have a roll available and on-hand for touch-ups in case an occasional corner of a tape seems loose, simply add a little piece of tape, and you are good to go!

Correct installation technique is critical for long hold!

*The hold you get will depend on your own hair oil content, installation technique and daily styling routine. If your tape extensions are not holding, 99% of the time the mistake is in the installation technique and too much client hair has been sandwiched between the two tape extensions. Our tapes have proven their effectiveness for years and are well known in the industry to have the best hold possible. L&B can not be responsible for any installation errors and tape extensions that fall off after installation. It is NEVER due to the tape not working.

Hair extension products should always be installed by a professional. If you have no experience in using this product, please go to a professional hair extensions stylist to have them installed. Please ensure your professional also has experience in installing tape hair extensions and not only another type of extension.

L&B is not responsible for any outcome of using this product incorrectly. With the purchase of all hair extension items, the buyer is claiming all responsibility for a correct application.


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