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Hair Sparkle

Hair Sparkle


Add sparkle to your hair for night and day. Easy to apply. Lasts a few days. 

96 per pack.


Hair should be clean and dry before application. Take a 1cm wide section of hair just below your main part line. Peel off white plastic backing paper from clear plastic film with Hair Sparkle on. Place clear plastic film on top of separated hair (make sure sticky side is on top of hair facing down. Taking a hair straightener (heat) clamp down for 3-4 seconds on top of clear plastic film. Carefully pull off clear plastic film after confirming Hair Sparkles are attached to hair.  Hair Sparkles can last in your hair for weeks, even after washing and blow-drying. To remove from your hair - reheat crystals with straightening iron (2-3) seconds. Then using comb brush away. If residue is left on hair, use hair oil (morrocco argan oil) to remove. 

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