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InVision Supersonic Starter Kit

InVision Supersonic Starter Kit

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8 supersonic colours (includes new shade - vibrant purple). Pleasant perfume. Bright Shades with no ammonia or peroxide. Supersonic colour can be re-applied to intensify colour. Colours can be mixed to create new shades. No developer is required and it is easy to apply. Colours can last 4-5 washes (timing colour for 15 minutes), often longer depending on aftercare, intensity and base colour. Timing colour for longer periods of time will result in your colours lasting much longer.



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Apply to light coloured or pre-lightened hair for best results. Place the required amount of Supersonic Colour in a tint bowl and apply to pre-washed & towel dried hair. Time for 15-30 minutes at room temperature. A plastic cap (processing cap) will help processing. Shampoo & condition as normal. To intensify the result, rinse hair, towel dry and re-apply. Time for 20-30 mins. Shampoo & condition as normal. Colours can be mixed so be creative. *Be sure to use gloves and keep away from light coloured surfaces as it will stain. Darker base shades will require pre-lightening to blonde prior to application.


Tips and Tricks:


 Timing can be extended to intensify colour.  A plastic processing cap can be put over the hair, a towel wrapped around and left overnight.


Supersonic colour can be added to your conditioner to maintain colour. To help colour last longer, washing hair less often with cool water and using a good quality shampoo and conditioner (such as Invision Coconut shampoo and conditioner, Blueberry Shampoo and Conditioner or Straightout Post Keratin Shampoo and Conditioner).

Dark blue and bright pink can be mixed to create a deep purple colour.

Foils can be used to isolate sections and create individual slices.

It is important to proform a skin sensitivity test prior to application.


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This product is for professional use only. 
Requires a skin sensitivity test prior to use.

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