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Nail Metallic Pigments

Nail Metallic Pigments


2g per pot.

Perfect to do on any base, please note colour will vary depending on the base. 

Recommended to use with Gel Polish following the steps bellow: Please note these steps are for Lidan Gel Polish:

1. Gently remove the shine if the nail plate using a 100 grit nail file. 

2. Remove Dust and clean the nail with Lidan Cleanser 

3. Apply Lidan Bond Aid 

4. Apply Lidan Ultra bond 

5. Apply base coat and cure for 30 seconds LED lamp or 2 minutes UV Lamp

6. Apply your base colour (e.i Black or white) cure as normal (follow curing times with your product instructions 30 seconds LED lamp or 2 minutes, UV Lamp) 

7. Apply No Clean-Top Seal Top coat and cure. Make sure your nails are completely dry before apply the metallic powders.  

8. Using the applicator provided apply a small amount of the Metalic pigment on the nail plate until the nail is fully covered.  

9. Remove the excess pigment around your fingers DO NOT use Lidan Cleanser 

10. Apply No Clean-top seal top coat and cure. 

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