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Scalp Doctor

Scalp Doctor


Scalp Doctor is hair tonic contains active ingredients extracted without thermal destruction through our patented Low-Temperature Nano-Extraction Method, using 10 kinds of algae [Kjellmaniella Gyrata (Seaweed), Kelp], natural herbs and grains as its main ingredient. The product contains copper tripeptide-1&glycerin and sh-Oligopeptide-2. The product is a spray-type product that can be absorbed into the pores when used. It helps to sustain scalp and hair’s health by keeping the scalp clean and supplying various nutrients needed for hair growth The product is available for both men and women.

Features -Prevent Hair loss -Strengthens hair -Boosts scalp health -Accelerates hair growth -Eliminates dandruff & excessive sebum
How to use Spray 1-3 times a day onto scalp. Use your fingertips to lightly massage in. It takes 5 to 10 minutes for the product to be completely absorbed. Effective use involves a daily application of an appropriate amount of the product. Do not wash out.

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