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Tidal Heatless Hair Curling Kit

Tidal Heatless Hair Curling Kit


Our luxury Tidal Heatless Hair Curling Kit made with Mulberry Silk was designed to create a gentle way of curling your hair with no heat damage.

The ribbon is … long and can be used for a variety of hair lengths. The scrunchies are made from 100% satin and are very gentle on the hair and will not leave creases.

Tidal Heatless Hair Curling Kit Includes: 

1x Mulberry Silk Curling Band
1x Hair Clip
2x Satin Scrunchies

  • Reduce heat on hair – reduce the change of heat damage
  • Healthier scalp – toys scalp will retain more of its natural moisture
  • Maintain hair growth – less hair will be falling out due to reduced styling
  • Quick and easy to use -will not leave creases


1) After washing your hair, remove excess moisture with a towel so that your hair is damp.
2) Clip the curling band to the top of your head to secure the band while you wrap your hair around it.
3) Use the scrunchies to tie your hair up where it comes on the curling band.
4) Leave overnight (take the clip out if the band is secure enough)
5) Wake up, remove the curling band and fall in love with your heatless curls

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