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Colouring Hair Extensions

Step 1: Wash Hair extensions with clarifying shampoo.

Step 2: Towel Dry


Step 3: Spray Porosity filler 

Step 4: Fill Hair extensions with Red filler or Cerise Mask, (check filling instructions in our Knowledgebase) Leave it on for 15min, it can be added to the colour but I prefer to fill the extensions first and then colour on top. (Don't need to rinse the filler out)




Step 5: Mix the colour and developer together in a clear tint bowl and apply to hair extensions on top of the filler.




Step 6: Rise Hair Extensions with a red shampoo or a colour safe shampoo and condition with InVision Extreme treatment, towel dry and use an InVision heat protector, blow dry and style.




Extra information: Gold or Vanille mask can also be used as fillers for deeper warm brown colours without a red reflect. Keep in mind to do a strand test first as every set of extension can give you a slightly different result. We do not recommend to lighten hair extensions as it's gone through a lightening process already. Try picking a colour of hair extension only 2 levels lighter than what you would want to go unless you are doing bright colours!


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