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De Lorenzo Novasemi Colour Cream

Have a client that loves having a bit of fun with colour? The new De Lorenzo Novasemi Colour Cream is the perfect product to try, these colours are packed with pigment and are super long lasting. 

Check out this picture of Hypnotic Pink.  I applied it on a level 10 blonde, clean dry hair and blended from the ends up to create an almost pink balayage, Refoil embossed foil was used to keep the pink from touching the rest of the blonde as we really wanted it multi toned.

Keeping with the theme of having it multi toned we alternated the Hypnotic Pink on it's own with the Hypnotic Pink & Crystal Clear to create a more pastel pink. Having the lighter and darker pink tones keeps the colour interesting with two different shades of pink! 

So the next time a client wants to have a bit of fun definitely have a look at the Novasemi Colour Cream! With 8 vibrant shades and 1 clear to help make different tones and 100mls per tube it's not only great value but great colours! 


Tip: To help your clients/yourself maintain pink hair, definitely look at our Muvo Ultra Rose Shampoo! 




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