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Foiling Techniques


Back to Back Foiling

Popular with celebrities such as Beyonce, J Lo and Tyra Banks. This foil technique will leave no virgin hair. It normally takes 35-45 minutes to foil, plus processing time. It is useful to apply an all over series of colours without on scalp application. The bottom foil is the low light and top, the highlight.

We have used basic foil sections and medium to small weaves. Regrowth needs to be done every 4-5 weeks.

You will need a Tail comb, tint brushes, tint bowls, foils, sectioning clips.

Section hair for full foiling


Weave out first section and clip top weave

Apply darker colour to bottom foil




Apply lighter colour to next foil up




Alternate colour combination throughout all remaining hair



Your colour combination should have at least two levels between the light and dark shades, to create contrast.

Suggestions using the Invision Colour, range

Please note: This is general information only and no guarantee of results is implied or given.

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