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Having Fun without commitment!

We love the new Rose Gold Shampoo from De Lorenzo for blondes.  It gives a pink reflect which is a nice change from the purple reflect of Rosewood.  To change it up a bit, we have been mixing 50/50 Rose Gold with Invision Silver Shampoo in the palm of our hands, giving depth & a more subtle hue.

Any of the colour shampoo's or masques can be applied on dry hair for 5-10 mins for added effect, which is particularly useful when toning gold reflects on blonde hair.  Shampoo & masques can be mixed together to create different shades. A couple of our favorites are: Pastel Pink (Coloristeur  Pensee 50/50 Lavende) Light Copper (Coloristeur Roucou 50/50 VanilleBerry Violet (Coloristeur Rosewood 50/50 Cerese).  For a subtle pastel shade De Lorenzo Violet can be mixed 50/50 with Invision Blueberry Shampoo.  The whole range of supersonic colours can be mixed with your fav conditioner to create soft pastel tones.

The key is, you can have "uncommitted fun" with your colour & have a change every time you wash your hair.

*These work best on pre-lightened hair.

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