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If you're a Curl Friend of ours …

Many people spend years trying to tame or come to terms with their curly hair. Is that you?

Curl type is as varied as hair type. Understanding what type of hair and curl you have is a great place to start. Once you have worked out your hair type, you can be guided with product choice. Most curls can be treated in a similar way. 

  • Shampoo your curls once a week or less - Curls form beautifully when natural oils develop.

  • Always use conditioner and distribute well using a wide tooth comb or Denman D4 or D5. Leave the product in for 3-5 mins, then rinse.

  • Wrap your wet curls in a towel for 5 mins, release and apply the recommended product. We always have a range of Wella products to support curls & waves.

  • Use your fingers, an afro or wide tooth comb to distribute the product. 

  • Ruffle and squeeze your curls together.

  • Either leave your hair to dry naturally or use a diffuser attachment on your drier to make sure the dryer doesn't blow your hair into a frizz. 

  • On waking every day use a water spray to dampen your curls, squeeze them once more and follow as above.

Ta da! Long lasting curls you will love.

Pop in or message us and have a chat if you're unsure of your hair type so we can help guide you.

Chrissy - From Hairquip 

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