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Have you tried Lashfridays yet? It's your lash & brows new bestie.

I've been using both the eyelash and eyebrow serum for 3 months now - here are my results! 

Eyelash Serum - I have noticed a significant difference in the length, volume and strength of my eyelashes. I really wanted to see if the volume would be increased as this was my main concern with my lashes, I didn't expect them to get as long as they are so that's a happy bonus. The proof is in the photo, they are looking amazing! 

Eyebrow Serum -  My area of concern with my eyebrows was the inner brow where the hair is more sparse. The difference in using the eyebrow serum for me is not as obvious as lashes but I definitely notice how much fuller they are when styling my brows in the morning with brow gel. They look fluffy and full and I'm so happy with the results!

Routine - The main thing I found is to be consistent! I'll admit, I kept forgetting to use it in the beginning so I tried to find a way to build it into my routine so I could start seeing the results I wanted. I found it easier to remember to use them by keeping the serums next to my skincare products, that way I remembered to use them as my last step before I went to bed, by doing this daily I started to notice results a lot faster. I reduced my usage to every few days to maintain and they have stayed looking good. Whatever your routine is - find a way to incorporate using the serum so you can get the best result.


I hope you found this information useful! 


- Emma


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