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Toasted Hair

Hairdressers shudder when hearing the terms "chemical cut, toasted, cotton wool or chewing gum" when used in relation to hair condition. Repeated lightening, overlapping of colour, over processing, too high volume of developer, heated appliances, tying hair tightly and/or in the same position or a combination of these can result in breakage on already fragile hair.

What to do?

Low & slow - lower volume developer over a longer period.

Use Snag free hair ties & loosely tie hair.

Precisely place colour to avoid overlap.

Time colour & chemical services & check frequently. Do not use heat.  Use even amounts of protein & moisture products.

Protein = Strength.  Moisture = Manageability.  Our fav Proteins are Equilibrium & Protein Complex. For Moisture - Extreme Treatment & Make Amends are great.

Leave in BB Cream has a good protein & moisture balance while Colorplex #3 used weekly gets in & recreates bonds.

Finally, regular trims help immensely getting hair back from the brink!

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