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Wash your hair without washing your hair.

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We all have days where we either don’t have time or just can’t be bothered washing our hair.

Thank goodness for the invention of dry shampoo!

I know many people that used to shudder at the thought of using a dry shampoo (I am guilty of this) but with great modern technology, many brands have formulated ones which do not leave that icky white powdery residue on your locks.

Available in many different scents, so you are guaranteed to find one to suit you!

Super fast and easy to use, just spray your roots with the nozzle about 10-15cm away, rub into your oily areas, brush out and you’re good to go!

Fun tip:  Did you know you can use a dry shampoo as a texturizing spray without it feeling like you have heaps of product in your hair? Also great to use when doing hair-ups as it helps bobby pins grip more easily.

Bonus Kym’s life hack:  Apply dry shampoo before heading to bed and leave it in overnight to wake up ready to roll - this way the shampoo has plenty of time to absorb all the oils it needs so you’re feeling fresh!

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