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De Lorenzo Performance Permanent Wave 100ml

De Lorenzo Performance Permanent Wave 100ml


The De Lorenzo Performance perm series has been developed with natural based and biodegradable ingredients and incorporates substantive Soya Protein. The utilisation of substantives soya Protein in the performance series provides a protectives function through all stages of perming, minimising damage by filling, sealing, strengthening and conditioning the hair fibre. This combination of additives provides a unique protection system that extends from the cuticle to the Cortez layer while perming, ensuring the maintenance of healthy shiny manageable hair. 

Designed in three distinctive formulations to allow each individual hair type to be taken through all stages of perming with a minimum degree of damage. 

Resistant Hair 9-9.5 PH: Created for natural hair that has a tightly closed cuticle layer is coarse and resistant with a smooth glassy appearance. 

Normal Hair 8.9-9.5 PH: Designed for normal hair types with a slight open cuticle layer that has very little if any chemical processes.

Porus Hair 8.9 -9.5 PH: Formulated specifically for sensitised hair that has been chemically treated. when perming is important that a porosity equalizer is applied onto the hair to provide conditioning and protective elements.

Neutraliser for all types: Formulated to complement the three main variants of De Lorenzo permanent Wave lotions. Rebonds the disulphide bonds "fixing" the newly formed hair into a strong permanent curl formation. It helps to normalise and maintain the correct PH balance needed to close the cuticle layer and protect the newly formed hair. 

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