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Depileve Aloe Vera Cartridge Wax 100gm

Depileve Aloe Vera Cartridge Wax 100gm




The liquid texture of this wax allows it to be applied in extra thin layers. This benefit, alongside its unlimited drying time, makes it ideal for a fast and effective wax treatment on extensive areas such as the legs, arms, back and chest.


Ideal For

It is recommended for all skin types and is perfect for large areas.





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Key Ingredients

  • Aloe Vera Oleate: This is a natural emollient (softening action) that moisturises, regenerates and reduces irritation.
  • Rosin: Natural pine resin used for its adhesive properties.
  • Mineral Oils: Work as plastifying agents in the wax.
  • Vegetable Oil: This a natural emollient (softening action).

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