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Depileve CERAZYME Depilbright Film Wax 800gm

Depileve CERAZYME Depilbright Film Wax 800gm


Depileve Depilbright Film Wax 800gm

Film wax - no strip needed


Depilbright is the first skin brightening waxing treatment from our cosmetic waxing line Cerazyme. It brightens, evens and blends skin pigmentation whilst painlessly removing hair thanks to its unique formula with Alpha-Arbutin, Gatuline Spot-Light and White Mulberry.


Unique benefits of Cerazyme Depilbright

  • It clears and brightens skin tone whilst regenerating the skin and getting rid of imperfections.
  • Dermaplaning Effect it effectively exfoliates, removing dead skin cells, surface pigmentation and hair.
  • Painless waxing Wax suitable for even the most sensitive skin types.
  • Refining pores Unblocks pores, leaving your skin feeling pleasantly fresh and clean.



Extra Film no-strip wax made from rosin for a smooth and pain-free wax treatment, perfect for even the most sensitive skin.

Opens pores to allow for the absorption of anti-pigment active ingredients contained in the wax as well as those applied beforehand.

It then acts as an osmotic mask, enhancing the skin's hydration and optimising the absorption of active ingredients such as Alpha-Arbutin and White Mulberry extract.

It also boosts blood flow in the area, nourishing, reactivating and revitalising the tissue.


Ideal for

All skin types



800gm can


Key Ingredients

  • Alpha Arbutin - Only active ingredient developed by biotechnology and capable of inhibiting tyrosinase.
  • White Mulberry - Slows down skin pigmentation caused by exposure to the sun.
  • Gatuline Spot-Light - First ingredient to tackle pigmentation and darkening of the skin on both the surface and innermost layers.

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