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Depileve Chai Tea Cartridge Wax 100gm

Depileve Chai Tea Cartridge Wax 100gm


Depileve Chai Tea Cartridge

Disposable wax for use with strips.



Inspired by the mysticism of the East, the Chai Tea Wax is recommended for extra sensitive skin types and extensive areas of the body. In addition to having great anti-oxidant properties that neutralise free radicals, it also boosts blood flow.


Ideal For

Large areas: Legs, arms, back, chest





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Key Ingredients

  • Black Tea with anti-oxidant and protective properties.
  • Vegetable Oil It is a natural emollient (softening action).
  • Titanium Dioxide It produces a creamy effect with anti-inflammatory protection.
  • Rosin natural pine resin used for its adhesive properties.

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