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Depileve Crystal Marine Cartridge Wax 100gm

Depileve Crystal Marine Cartridge Wax 100gm


Depileve Crystal Marine Cartridge

Disposable wax for use with strips.



Hypoallergenic: it doesn't contain rosin.

This wax has been created and designed for the epilation of allergic skins to rosins and of great sensitivity.

Crystal Marine is very soft and has a powerful pull effect.


Ideal For

Large areas: Legs, arms, back, chest






Packaging Type



Key Ingredients

  • It does not contain rosin. Avoids possible allergies to rosins.
  • Modified paraffins and mineral oils they provide a plastifying action.
  • Paraffins it is a plastifying and natural emollient.
  • Hydrolyzed Marine Collagen It exerts a deep moisturizing and firming action

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