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Depileve Pre Waxing Oil 220ml

Depileve Pre Waxing Oil 220ml


Depileve Pre Waxing Oil

Pre epilation oil



Use: apply before all film waxing treatments, this oil creates a protective barrier for the skin, dramatically reducing the pain before removal.

Improves wax adherence to the hair and not to the skin, creating a film reducing irritation and reducing the pain.

It moisturizes hairs and favours extraction from its root while it avoids breaking hairs.

Recommended for all types of skins.


How to use

Apply a small amount and rub it into the skin, remove the residue with a tissue.





Key Ingredients

Apricot Oil forms a film between the skin and the wax to enhance its adherence to the hair and not the skin.

Bisabolol a smoothing and moisturising agent that prevents skin from peeling

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