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esmi Dull Hair Shampoo 240ml

esmi Dull Hair Shampoo 240ml


esmi Dull Hair Shampoo will gently cleanse as it repairs heat and UV damaged, dull and lifeless hair.

Feed your skin and hair with ESMI BIOME™ – EB03 a biome blend of probiotic lysates specifically tailored to help with dull hair, encouraging a healthy scalp and minimise the damage caused by UV. Pomegranate Fruit Extract packed with antioxidants for strong, revitalised hair and improved scalp health.

Licorice Root Extract helps to strengthen hair and soothes scalp.



  • Help restore dull & heat damaged hair, gentle cleanse.
  • Helps increase scalps good bacteria for a healthy skin biome, gentle but deep cleansing
  • Assists with barrier strengthening, Antioxidant properties, Sulphate-free & colour safe formulation.

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