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InVision Colours

InVision Colours


Easy to use. Great grey coverage, low ammonia, and excellent value. Leaves hair soft and shiny post-colour.

Purchase 20+ Invision Colours and use the coupon code FREECC to receive a FREE colour chart 


InVision Colour is not like ordinary hair colour

We set out to design an efficient, well-supported colour system that simplifies processes.

We set out to design an efficient system that simplifies processes while reducing costs and putting creative control back into the hands of the stylist, well-supported colour 

Many colour systems are based on an expensive and complicated structure, designed to squeeze as much profit out of the hairdresser as possible. InVision Colours, however, are designed around a methodology of open documentation, well-thought-out systems and excellent support.


The InVision Colour range is based on 52 colours organised into 8 major sections. The pallet can be expanded by mixing shades together for intermediary tones. For salons seeking the smallest initial setup, it is even possible to skip purchasing certain colours, instead of recreating them as required (e.g., mixing 5N and 3N to create 4N).


Download the InVision Colour swatch, application guide, training information and other reference material.
InVision Colour Wiki
Invision Colour Chart (PDF, Adobe Acrobat required)


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 This product is for professional use only. 
Requires a 
skin sensitivity test prior to use.



Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 30 reviews Write a review

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