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Invision Straight Ion Set 123

Invision Straight Ion Set 123


Professional Permanent Straightening set containing , treatment cream and neutralizer. For normal hair. FOR PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY.

750ml x 2 & 250ml x 1.

Directions For normal hair:

PREPARE THE HAIR: Shampoo and towel dry hair (no conditioner). Hair should be 70% to 80% dry. Section hair into four sections.

APPLICATION: Apply straightening cream (no. 1 coloured solution) evenly and quickly. It is recommended 2 stylists apply straightening cream together. Wear gloves. Start application from nape of neck Use a tint brush and apply straightening cream quickly and evenly. Set timer at the end of the application. Apply product approximately 10mm from the scalp. The product should not come into contact with the scalp. If it does, wipe gently away with a wet towel. Take sections approximately 6mm thick and 50mm wide. Use medium tension and brush the hair carefully with a tint brush. Do not stretch hair. The amount of pressure and method of brushing will influence the amount of straightening cream left on the hair. Brush on the straightening cream and using hands in a downward motion, straighten section by section. Make sure the correct amount of product is on the hair enough so it will not dry out.

COVER THE HAIR: Wrap the hair in plastic film ensuring hair remains straight. Process 10-30 minutes depending on hair condition.

TEST: Using a strand of hair, remove excess straightening cream. Use a firm grip with your nails on the strand of hair and gently pull. If the hair stretches from 2 cm to 3 or more cm without breaking the hair is sufficiently processed. If the hair breaks it is not sufficiently processed. Note: The more porous and fragile areas will process more quickly and will need less processing time. The test should be carried out in different parts of the head and along different parts of the hair strands. If the test shows that the hair has sufficiently processed in one part quicker than another, spray the processed sections with water to slow the product development. RINSE: Once the processing is complete, rinse the hair well in lukewarm water for 5-10 minutes. Keep the hair straight allowing the water to flow down the hair followed down by a cupped hand. Gently towel dry the hair, do not rub. The hair is very fragile at this stage.

APPLY TREATMENT CREAM: Apply treatment cream (small bottle) and leave in for 1 minute.Rinse out and gently dry the hair from scalp to ends using a blow dryer on medium setting. Do not use brushes. Use straightening irons to straighten the hair, using sections approximately 1 cm thick and 5 cm wide. Straighten each section 4 to 6 times. Start at the nape and press the hair working out to a 90-degree angle. Straighten hair with a little pressure until completely straight. For a more natural style, section the hair in the top sections with a zigzag pattern.

APPLY NEUTRALISER: Section hair into 4: Central part and cross section from ear to ear. Do not use metal clips. Only use smooth plastic types of clips with no teeth. Wear gloves. It is recommended 2 stylists apply neutralizer at the same time. Apply neutralizer cream (no.2 white solution) on dry hair. Take sections about 6mm thick and 50mm wide and apply using a tint brush quickly and evenly on dry hair. The total application should take 10-15 minutes. Saturate completely and process for 10 -15 minutes then rinse out thoroughly with Luke warm water. Apply treatment (small bottle) leave in for 10 minutes, rinse out, then totally dry the hair.

FINISH AND HOMECARE: Use the straightening irons to straighten the hair again. Do not shampoo, twist or use clips/rubber bands/hair up for at least 3 days.





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Customer Reviews

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