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Muvo Coolest Brunette Petite Pair

Muvo Coolest Brunette Petite Pair


Double up on dark goodness with Coolest Brunette Petite Pair. Eliminate unwanted copper tones, extend your colour and tone highlights. This hydrating duo leaves hair more manageable, prevents fade and adds shine to maintain brunette hair in between salon visits. The perfect couple for travel, gym, trial and gifting!

How To Use

SHAMPOO: Apply to wet hair, lather and massage in. Leave for 3 to 5 minutes depending on the desired results. For deeper results leave for up to 20 minutes. Rinse out thoroughly and repeat if necessary. For quicker and stronger results, use Coolest Brunette Shampoo on dry or towel dried hair. Coolest Brunette takes more quickly to light brown hair than darker brown hair. If this is the case, you can dilute MUVO Coolest Brunette Shampoo with MUVO Totally Naked Shampoo.

Product may stain absorbent material. If in eyes wash out immediately with water.

CONDITIONER: After shampooing with MUVO Coolest Brunette Shampoo squeeze excess water out of hair and apply the product. Massage deeply and leave on hair for 1-3 minutes. Rinse thoroughly.

Recommended Usage

MUVO Coolest Brunette Shampoo is to be used when your coloured hair starts to fade or to tone your hair when copper tones start to appear. We recommend MUVO Totally Naked as your regular shampoo and conditioner, and alternating washes with Coolest Brunette Shampoo. Using MUVO Totally Naked as your regular shampoo and conditioner, then combining Coolest Brunette Shampoo when needed, will help to avoid any build-up and increase cleaner toning results.

Use MUVO Totally Naked Shampoo and Coolest Brunette Conditioner regularly. Swap in MUVO Coolest Brunette Shampoo when your hair starts to fade or look coppery. This will help avoid build-up and result in cleaner toning.

We recommend MUVO Coolest Brunette Conditioner as your regular conditioner if you have brunette hair. As an alternative, you can also use MUVO Totally Naked Conditioner as it has been designed for colour-treated hair.

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