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My First Skin Care Bundle

My First Skin Care Bundle


For teenagers or adults starting out on their skincare journey. We’ve made it easy! Introducing the new ‘My First Skincare’ bundle containing all the essentials for a super simple and effective first skincare routine.

This Bundle Includes:

The Uncomplicated Cleanser:
Great skin starts here with esmi Uncomplicated Cleanser.
Start your morning right and wash off your day with this gentle good-for-your-skin cleanser suitable for all skin types. A perfect compliment for your skin treats.

Half Hydrating Half Nourishing Acai Duo: 
Your hydrator and moisturiser in one! This two-in-one skin treat will leave your skin feeling beautifully soft and lightly moisturised

Microfibre Face Mitt: 
This mitt removes 80% more dirt, makeup and product from your face than a regular face washer … and because it’s microfibre – it’s doesn’t grow bacteria.


How to use: 

Step 1: Cleanser: Apply a pea size amount to damp hands and gently massage on to the skin. Remove the cleanser using the esmi microfibre face mitt. Cleanse twice in the pm, to remove makeup.

Step 2: Half Hydrating Half Nourish: Carefully shake the duo bottle well to mix the acai oil and water-based serum together. Squeeze the dropper a few times to draw the mixed Duo formula up into the pipette. Drip a 5-10 cent piece amount into the palm of the hand, rub hands together and apply all over the skin like you would a moisturiser. Allow a few moments to absorb. The Duo can be applied to the neck and decolletage.

Repeat routine morning and night.

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