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Myhd Tint Bowl & Brush Set

Myhd Tint Bowl & Brush Set


Mixing will soon be your favourite step. My deep, domed bowl makes blending a breeze with an internal millimeter guide to easily measure as you go and a new no-spill spout to comfortably pour your mixture if needed.

If you get too much product mixture built up on your brush, slide my bristles through the comb teeth to relieve it before continuing.

My unique slim-line brush is everything when it comes to application.

Lightweight, with an easy-to-hold handle to easily weave through your Hair and long bristles to effectively mix, dab, and paint your mixture for the perfect application.

And when you’re done, wash me up so I’m ready for next time.

What’s included?
1 x Tint Bowl.
1 x Tint Brush.

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