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RefectoCil No.1 Pure Black Tint 15ml

RefectoCil No.1 Pure Black Tint 15ml


Refectocil No. 1 Pure Black:
The classic colour amongst the eyelash tints – irrespective of the client’s natural hair colour. Refectocil No. 1 Pure Black tints each hair pure black to make lashes look clearly longer and more voluminous.

With this colour, you can enhance brown or black eyelashes and eyebrows or tint light or white eyelashes and eyebrows in long-lasting pure black. Clients with dyed black hair can match their eyebrows with their hair colour using Refectocil No. 1 Pure Black.

Especially recommended for tinting eyelashes and eyebrows of clients who have black or dark brown hair – for the most beautiful black styles!

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