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Royal Treatment Colour Gloss Protecting Shampoo 355mls

Royal Treatment Colour Gloss Protecting Shampoo 355mls


Royal Treatment Colour Gloss
Royal Treatment Colour Gloss is a color care system designed exclusively for color-treated hair to provide optimal color protection. Formulated without sulfates, it doesn’t strip away color and keeps it fresh by working within the hair structure. It targets and preserves color pigments and extends vibrancy. It helps replenish hair with moisture and balances pH, sealing the cuticle to guard against damage and UV exposure. It keeps hair healthy and shiny for long-lasting color.
How it works:
This shampoo gently cleanses and provides superior color protection to color-treated hair, preventing damage and fading from UV exposure. It locks in color for the ultimate color dimension to maintain and extend vibrancy for long-lasting shine. It hydrates hair and balances pH to keep hair healthy and soft.
Apply desired amount to palms and distribute evenly while massaging into hair and scalp. Rinse thoroughly and repeat if needed. Follow with conditioner.


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