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Wella Professionals Shinefinity Zero Lift Glaze

Wella Professionals Shinefinity Zero Lift Glaze


SHINEFINITY will help you achieve a long-lasting color glaze with ZERO lift and ZERO damage, staying true-to-tone even on porous hair. Featuring the exclusive Balanced pH technology, SHINEFINITY smoothens the cuticles for a healthy-looking shine and a silky hair feel.

Wear suitable gloves. Apply the mixture using the applicator bottle or the bowl and brush. Apply Shinefinity to pre-shampooed and towel-dried hair evenly from roots to tips. For even more intensity, apply the mixture directly to dry hair.

Development time is up to 20 minutes without heat and for a more intense result, use added heat for 15 minutes. To treat root regrowth, apply to the root area first and then to the mid-lengths to ends and develop for the full development time.

For a more minimum refresh of colour, comb the colour applied to the roots through to the mid length and ends after 15 minutes and then allow to develop for a further 5 minutes. Can be used on lengths and ends when using Koleston Perfect or Illumina colour on the roots if desired.

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