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Zebra File Double-Sided 180/100 grit

Zebra File Double-Sided 180/100 grit


The Zebra File is a double-sided 180/100 grit file to prep the nail plate before gel and to smooth, polish, and shape both natural and artificial nails, a sturdy, professional file that can easily be used to take down the length or remove gel, acrylic, and dip powder. This beautiful file is uniquely designed for easy grip and is contoured with a tapered end to reach difficult places around the cuticle area for easier and more efficient shaping and filing.

Features of Zebra File 180 Grit:

  • Double-sided 180/100 grit file
  • 180 grit for nail plate preparation and smoothing, polishing, and shaping
  • 100 grit for shaping side walls and filing down the length, ideal for acrylic extensions
  • Uniquely contoured with a tapered end to reach hard-to-reach areas around the cuticles
  • Excellent for removing gel, dip powder, or acrylic
  • Wide and durable design for comfortable grip and ease of use
  • Thick, triple-layered file

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