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Brighten Up Your Winter Days With InVision Colours

 Kym's Makeover!!


Kym had a retouch of a level 4 with pre-lighten mid-length to ends.

We decided to lift the roots to at least a level 8. I used Invision Ultra plus white lightening powder with 9% and Colorplex and processed for 45mins. We re-apply again with 6% for 20 mins, shampoo and towel dry.

I did a few slices at the back and through fringe with Invision supersonic dark blue and a tiny bit of purple (mix in a clear tint bowl to see colour ) then on the rest of the hair I used InVision Supersonic Vibrant purple with a tiny bit of Dark blue (again mixing in clear bowl to see colour.) Processed for 45 mins and rinse.

Kym's hair is still in great condition and she is rocking her new colour!!!!


Sharon's Makeover!!


 I decided I need a change too. I had a retouch of a level 7 and the rest was pre lighten to a clean level 9/10.

Kym applied Invision Raspberry with a couple of grams of Coloristeur cerise mask and 9% Invision Developer on roots and Invision Raspberry with a couple of grams of coloristeur cerise mask and Invision Developer 6% on ends. Processed for 35 mins and Boom Red red red!!!! Loving it.

To refresh the colour I have been using the coloristeur cerise shampoo and mask


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