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Wedding Season is upon us!

Endless skies, five-piece bands, stately cakes, exuberant aunts and perfect hair. Wedding season is finally upon us! Keeping everything moving needn’t be a samsonian task. Here are a few tips on making the brides special day even more delightful: 

    • Know your job. Rehearsals let those involved establish their routine and help everyone operate calmly.
    • Act like a well-oiled machine. Learn your task and aim to be the calm port in the midst of a storm. Photograph trials to help jog your memory.
    • Make it fit. Keep a photo book of popular styles on-hand. Ask as many questions as you can about the style of dress, jewelry and makeup.
    • Honesty and respect. Don’t be afraid to give your opinion on styles that the bride asks about. Show discretion after their decision has been made.
    • Be prepared. Is it an inside or an outside wedding? Will it be hot and stuffy or windy and cool? What if it starts to rain? Create a style suited to the environment, yet diverse enough to account for any unexpected changes.
  • Carry the right attitude. Keep it fun and light, letting your calm demeanor reflect on bride and bridesmaid alike. Be proud and confident in your work, yet open to criticism.

A relaxed, well-prepared professional is an asset to any plan. There will always be the inevitable hiccup, but your handling of the situation will directly influence the wedding itself and the potential for any follow-on work.

Pictured is our beautiful bride Emma, wearing a Velcro Riser and bridesmaid Sophie with a Wavy Ponytail. 

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